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    Jun 29, 2014, 06:19 AM
    How to store Scanner data in string in java?
    I am new to java, currently I am working on a program regarding networking.
    My program compiles without error.

    I have placed 3 checks in my program. It passes through check 1 but does not reach 2.
    I want string player2msg to store whatever data comes from scanner fromServer.
    I expected player2Msg = fromServer.nextLine(); to work but it does not.

    import java.util.*;

    public class newClient {

    static Scanner shipPlace = new Scanner(;
    static Scanner shipAlignment = new Scanner(;

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
    Socket servConn = new Socket("localhost", 10176);
    Scanner fromServer = new Scanner(servConn.getInputStream());
    Scanner fromUser = new Scanner(; // command line input.
    PrintWriter toServer = new PrintWriter(servConn.getOutputStream(), true);
    BattleBoard player2 = new BattleBoard();
    int hit;
    boolean gameOver;
    String player1msg;
    int x_cor_target;
    int y_cor_target;
    String gameEnd = "All of your ships destroyed.";
    String reHit = "Already shot at target. Please specify another target";
    int player2Moves = 0;
    int newCounter = 0;
    boolean myMessage = false;
    boolean gameStart = false;
    String player2Msg;

    System.out.println("A connection has been made. Please wait while other player plant ships. \n");
    System.out.println("Plant your own ships");

    for (int I = 0; I<5; I++) {
    newCounter = plantNavy(player2,I);

    System.out.println("Please wait while other player plant ships");

    player1msg = "Player2: I have planted my ships";
    fromUser = new Scanner(player1msg);

    while(true) {
    try {
    if (fromServer.hasNext()) {
    System.out.println("Server Says: " + fromServer.nextLine());
    player2Msg = fromServer.nextLine();
    if (player2Msg.equals("Player1: I have planted my ships")) {
    gameStart = true;
    } catch(Exception e) {

    if (myMessage == true && gameStart == true) {
    fromUser = new Scanner(;

    if (fromUser.hasNext()) {

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