I am trying to add a domain account to the local Administrators group on a Windows XP Pro workstation. My network is Windows 2003 / Active Directory.

On a Windows XP workstation:

Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Groups

I open the Administrator group, then press "Add..." The only thing in the "From this location" box is the local machine I'm working on, so I press the "Locations" button. In the resulting window, there is no other option to select from. The only icon in that window is the local machine.

Consequently, I cannot add a domain account to the local Administrators group.


--The Domain Administrator and a Local user account are currently part of the machine's administrator group.

--Able to login on the machine as Domain administrator

-- The computer has been added to the domain. Active directory is completely aware of the machine and it functions normally in the domain aside from this issue.

-- Was able to login as the domain user on the machine and a profile was created. However, need to add the domain user account to local admin group to be able to run/test a program.