I have attempted to access the default setup IP address for my Linksys router, but am unable to. My router is a WRT54G Linksys Wireless router, which my wireless devices (Macbook, Toshiba notebook and a new Eee miniature notebook) can no longer access, so I was trying (in vain) to access the setup page to try to figure out what I had mistakenly changed, and thus prevented both access to the web setup IP address, and the ability to resolve my connection problem. Thanks in advance for your assistance in this incredible frustrating problem. As an aside, the router still functions in the wired Ethernet cable mode and permits each of these devices to access the Internet, as long as they are attached to the router via a cable. However, withouth the 100 base-T cable attached, no dice on the Internet. Thanks again, and have a great, sunny Sunday afternoon.

Kindest regards,
Terry Artz