Hi there,

Im hoping this is in the correct category.

I have created a batch file to add network printers to many computers, this is the example

@echo off

Cd c:\windows\system32
Cscript prnport.vbs -a -r IP_192.168.2.56 -h
Cscript prnmngr.vbs -a -p "Printer1" -m "Panasonic DP-4182" -r "IP_192.168.2.56"

It runs perfectly, BUT I have a problem if this port(Recommended printer port) does not exist on the machine it will not install the printer.

Any idea how to create a batch file that does this. Basically I need a batch file/ or a asp.net/VB code to install a printer on many machines WITH or WITHOUT the ports being available.

Hope this makes sense. Please can someone help.