I am an associate on night crew at Walmart store 2340 in Ephrata, Pa and I need your expert help.

1) Is the Walmart radio broadcast that is picked up in stores available to listen to online?

2) More importantly, is any type of playlist of song titles/artists and times played available on a particular day.

3) I am specifically looking for the name and artist of a song played last night (Sunday, 5/7/06) that was broadcast at approximately from 11:39 pm
Until approximately 11:45 and that was followed by Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings". The artist was an R&B tune by an african american male
In the Luther Vandross/Peabo Bryson style.

I am really hoping to find out the artist and purchase the cd on of course Wa
Mart.com!! l

Any help in identifying this particulasr song/artist and/or providing me with the playlist for last night from 11pm to 12am would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks from store 2340!

Kim V.