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    Aug 9, 2013, 04:02 PM
    Song finder by video description
    Hi there is a song that I really liked but missed the name,its got like a blue elctric vortex style in the video,it's a bass song and a few years old now please help

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I've been looking for this song for years, I quite remember some features in the video where the band shaved their heads, put their instruments in a grinder & destroyed them all... the song was about rock music & how it was prohibited.

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I used to watch this music video on mtv, I cannot remember the song/band only describe the video. It's a 2000-2008 rock song Here it goes: It's a band the are singing in the desert they are wearing scarfs. It shows a guy driving to this old house in a muscle car inside he meets up with a hot...

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A video about a teenage couple that meet up at the beach and sail to an island and find a secret civilization.

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There is song in which a guy goes through series of accidents. It appears as bad luck as he gets involve and becomes primer suspect in all the cases. Like a thief pick his pocket and when our guy tries to get back his purce encounters a mobstar... then a robber throws his bag to our guy and police...

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The video is a white guy and he is playing with his band at night outside in the street I think. Its from the 2000's. I think 04. But the singer has short black hair. A jacket on, I think its black or just dark. And he has a caramel guitar. Please help me. Thanks.

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