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    Apr 11, 2013, 02:53 PM
    Music video finder by description
    I used to watch this music video on mtv, I cannot remember the song/band only describe the video. It's a 2000-2008 rock song
    Here it goes:

    It's a band the are singing in the desert they are wearing scarfs.
    It shows a guy driving to this old house in a muscle car inside he meets up with a hot girl she has a bag money.. he shows/tells her he is a cop
    He lets her tie him up then he tell her to hit him with some kind of statue/figureen
    Then it shows the cops busting into that house finds him tied up and beat'd up
    And then it shows her in the muscle car driving into the sunset.

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I've been looking for this song for years, I quite remember some features in the video where the band shaved their heads, put their instruments in a grinder & destroyed them all... the song was about rock music & how it was prohibited.

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A video about a teenage couple that meet up at the beach and sail to an island and find a secret civilization.

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I need help! Desperately! I remember just the music video of this song. Its set in some empty dark room. Man sings to a woman, she is not talking to him or anything. In one scene they are having sex on her coat I think or something. Its really sad song about feeling lonely I think. Can anybody...

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Its about a guy drunk driving who crashes into a young woman late at night. The police and ambulance arrive, he's sitting on the side of his car, handcuffed and taken away. I think the songs about.. comin to realize what he did, and remorse.

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I don't have the name of the band or lyrics, but in the video the floor cracks (I think is black & white squared) and the guy watches the band playing upside down, while the band plays piano. I think is from 1996-1997 rock/pop music. HELP!

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