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    Jun 29, 2010, 02:11 PM
    How can I find the video or song by marie
    Her name is marie I'm trying to find out the last name or where I can hear the song.the song name is "dont you know"but its not pulling up on YouTube nowhere.have anybody found it yet?

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What's the title and the group? Lyrics I remember are : Someone must have hurt you so bad video: He's tied to a chair and she's beatiing him up I think it's twilight time and maybe car headlights are illuminating?

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Have video of a song stuck in my head can't remenber words or name of song or band... all I remneber is the screen.. one female singer outfront singing, someone to the left and right of here.. location is in a aircraft junkyard/ salvage yard, desert screen, believe it form the 1990's (late) though...

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"Marie, I hear you calling, Marie the night is falling, Marie will you keep calling me" Every time the word"calling" is sung, it's held and rises. Any hints re anything? Title, artist, lyrics? Probably early 1950s.

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