My parents had a tape with this song on it, a friend gave it to them off of a recording from a 35. I've been looking for it and can't find it anywhere. I remember some of the words even though I heard it about 20 years ago. If anyone knows who sings it or better yet where to get a copy of it, I would appreciate it very much. The lyrics I remember are it starts out with:

I'm in the northside hospital,
flat on my back.
My legs are broken,
and my ribs are crack.
My front teeth are missing,
I'm a one big scar.
I'll never drive another,
little Japanese car.

Now I don't care,
how fat you are.
Your still not safe,
in a Japanese car.

I know their pretty,
and they will take you far.
But you're gonna,
get killed in a Japanese Car.

That's about all I remember. Thanks for any help.