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    Info on Free Music Downloads. Click here!
    Simply put, downloading copyrighted material without expressed permission is illegal. Copyrighted material must be purchased from an authorized distributor in order to be legal.

    Ask Me Help Desk members will not help you obtain copyrighted material illegally, so please don't ask such general questions as "How do I download music for free".

    That said, not all free music downloads are illegal. Examples of free and legal music downloads may be found in the public domain, and sometimes on artist and distributor websites.

    We are happy to help you find sources for public domain material, or music that might be available with the express permission of the copyright owner or distributor.

    For more information about what's legal and what's not, check out these helpful links:

    Downloading Legally - Understanding the RIAA Lawsuits
    Legality in Music Downloading - Is It Illegal?

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