First of all, I have loads of mp3 files saved on the PC and I want to save all of them on cd disk and play them on the car stereo.

OK, now, my car Definitely DOES support mp3. I have checked it in the manual. I have tried many ways of burning and saving, and still I get nowhere.

Iso 9660 - is the file I use to save the mp3's to cd. I have made a data cd disk with mp3 files, and also a normal mp3 disk. And I have used nero to do all of this, still I can't play the mp3 files on the car stereo, instead it comes with a message: 'Error CD' and then ejects the disk.

The type of disk I use to burn is CD-RW.
Nero 6 is the burning software I use

What else can I try, I have tried everything there is, even on the car and on the manual says the car plays mp3 disks. The car stereo player has this writton: CD30.

Can anyone help?? Ps. Once again the car cd player does support mp3, it says it in the manual.