There was a movie I saw most likely in the 90s -- possibly early 2000s -- that I've been trying to find to no avail. I only vaguely recall part of it, which is why I suspect I saw it in the mid-90s.

A woman -- either a redhead or brunette, I think -- wearing medieval style clothes made her way through either a cave or old ruin. As she goes on, whether it's cave or old ruined building to begin with, it ends up old stonework or brickwork. She breaks through a wall to find herself in the basement of a building in modern times. In this movie she's hunting folks down, I think they're evil folk, but she's far from a do-gooder herself, as she's quite brutal when she kills them. I seem to recall she had a dog too, and at one point I think she actually fed one of the people she killed to the dog. Seems like there's something special to the dog too, like maybe it's a magical beast or hellhound or something -- but I could just as easily be mixing movies/tv shows here lol.

I know it's vague and not much to go on, but I do appreciate any help that can be rendered. It's been bugging me for a while!