Please help!
I am looking for the title of a medium-to-high-budget Hollywood film made in the late '90s to early '00s where a dying or crippled child is miraculously/mystically/mysteriously cured at the end of the film by carrying the child (a sickly little girl, I think) up a ramshackle wooden spiral ramp that her seemingly delusional abductor (the child's father?) had constructed in his back yard. The concerned mother of the child and the authorities had just arrived on the scene to see this miraculous event. There is stirring music and tearful front-lit faces on the witnesses to this scene -all very Spielbergian!

This seems like a Steven Spielberg or Tobe Hooper production but I haven't uncovered any involvement by them. The actors were all bland generic competent white people in their thirties--nothing memorable or distinctive about them.