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    What's that movie called
    Fantasy movie from 80s or 90s. A girl falls in love with this guy in a fantasy world, they are in a pond jumping from rock to rock. Then there is a part where she is in her room looking in the mirror and she is just a normal girl;or she is looking I the mirror and sees herself a princess I don't recall. No its not labyrinth or legend

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What's that movie called [ 2 Answers ]

Movie about a guy who was an adult but acted like a kid and there was something about dinosaur and a rollercoaster.. the guy looked like mike myers or martin short I can't remember.

What's that movie called? [ 1 Answers ]

Um I'm trying to get hold of amovie I shall describe it: First of a man crash lands in a space ship on what seems to be middle aged earth... but long with him and alien machine crashes.. barbarians seem to inhabit an area and he joins and lives there, the alience machine attacks the village and...

What's the movie called [ 1 Answers ]

When a guy from prison wants to escape so he tells a guard to help but he gets stuck in the same cofin as him

What's that movie called? [ 3 Answers ]

I watched this movie not too long ago yet the title of it has slipped my memory. As far as I can remember, it was a recent teen comedy movie (last 3-5 years) whose main characters were 3 girls (college I think). The one girl (blonde) finds out her boyfriend cheated on her so she gets help from her...

What's that movie called [ 2 Answers ]

This is driving me crazy. I know I recently saw a movie that ends with a closeup of a sword in stone and the moss has strategically covered the engraving on the blade so it ends up reading EXCALIBVR. I just want to know what this is so I can stop trying to figure it out and just watch what I'm sure...

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