I once watched a movie where there were these bunch of professors, quite old all of them, from all sorts of disciplines(E.G Physics, theology,biology,history etc) are gathering in a home of one of their fellow colleague, a professor too but seems younger than them all. If I'm not mistaken, they are going to give a farewell party to this young (aroung 40+ years old) professor who was going to move to another place.Then suddenly, this young prof claims that he had actually lived from the stone age up till today due to a meteor that gave him everlasting life.So, the whole movie is about discussing this matter from every logical perspective. And the whole movie plot revolves only in the living room on a sofa. This young prof also pointed out that he was actually whom the christian believe as jesus.
In the end, before leaving, this young prof said to one of the old professor that he(the young prof) was actually his father.He had to leave him in his childhood to avoid suspicion bcoz he can't age.the old prof heard this and died out of shock. What was it this movie called?? *** anyone... I really want to see it again... its not a recent movie