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    Jan 11, 2013, 01:35 AM
    What\'s that movie called
    I need help finding out what this movie title was called. I cannot find it on Google or anywhere. Here is what I know about the movie: it was made around 70s to 80s. Language seems to be of the slavic origins, it was about a poor couple living alone in the wilderness, minning limestone, at the opening scene the man was climbing a cliff digging out and throwing down large chunks of rocks that the wife collects. Close to their house there is a single tree which someone was executed there by hanging later in the movie. A weird and evil looking couple also passed through and have sex in the quarry and seems to killed the man afterwards. Further in the movie the husband was devastated when he know the limestone was ruined and unsellable. The beautiful wife later engaged in sort of a nude pagan dance in front of a group of weird looking gypsies. Many thanks. Any help would be great because it have been bothering me for quite a while. David Huang from HK.

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