It was filmed anywhere between the very late 40's to the late 50's, possibly very early 60's (but I don't think so). It's based around about 5 women, somewhat high in society, one of whom is a singer/actress (I though she was played by Rosemary Clooney, but I think I'm wrong) and she's battling with the fact that she's no longer a young starlet. Her marriage is also failing, and he has a gold-digging girlfriend on the side. The gold-digger (I thought she was played by Elizabeth Taylor, but I think I'm wrong about that, too) also has a few other men on the side. I remember in the end, the gold-digger is confronted by the other women, they call her out, and they they kill the idea in her head that the husband is going to leave his wife for her. I wish I could think of anything else, but I can't. I ask because I can't think of the musical number performed by the singer in the latter half of the film.