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    Apr 24, 2011, 07:21 AM
    Some more still images of movie scenes
    A nice quick response for the previous one here are a few more to ponder.
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Movie scenes search? 1930's movie [ 0 Answers ]

Scene is where a big man, I believe whereing a topcoat, smoking a cigar comes into a house and tells another man to take off his shirt. He commensces to beat him on the back with a cane for doing something wrong. It's a black/white; 1930's movie.

Find movie by scenes? [ 1 Answers ]

Help! Looking for this movie: In one scene one of the guys almost strangles a girl in the back seat of a car. He's starting do really lose it. Another scene, he goes up to a drug dealers house and rips him off, right in front of the house. In the end, he kills himself in his car. His friend...

Can you tell me the name of this movie as described by all the scenes I mentioned? [ 6 Answers ]

Hello! I remember all the scenes where there's a family,it's a rich family and the husband and a wife n 2 children I remamber, they also have a nanny, the nany loves the children and all but then suddenly on the wife's birthday the husband murders her in the house having told the family he has...

Name of movie from scenes images I remebr [ 2 Answers ]

So - it's in colour... but old, so probably 60s/70s. A couple of images I have: An all American family sitting in a caravan when an alien ball of light speeds past their window... rocks there caravan (which I think was a silver bullet one) A deserted American town... main character walking...

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