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    Sep 13, 2018, 03:30 PM
    I remember a 70's TV horror movie about a box of possesed jars
    That were found by a group of young adults and one by one ended up inside the jars... weird flick and I cannot remember the title or find it online..

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All I remember is a few scenes like 2 kids explored a town that was once underwater and found a man chained up with a bag on his head they freed him and the first thing he did was pull back one of the kids faces and drank the blood off his scalp. Then it was like 10 years later and the town was...

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Well a week ago I saw a horror movie but I can't remember the title... It was about a family who were rich and both members had jobs so the woman started to look for nannies and she had found one but she was allergic to dogs so when a guy/gardener came and asked if he can be the nanny they thought...

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A few years, a lot of years back I woke up with the TV on and this horror/thriller movie was on, all I remember is a lady that had bodies of babies buried at the edge of her yard, she would be pregnant and then there was no baby, eventually I remember them finding the babies corpses and they still...

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All I can remember is it is about a family hat moves into a house then tis green ghost that looks like the bad guy from halloween town before you find out it is the mayor except he's more greener and has a green cloak and he is really ugly and that might not be rght but the I think the ghost was...

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Hi my name is kathleen, I know its made it the 1900's. Its about 3 demons and 3 chicks. The chick don't know they are demons. And they are dating and what not else. But the big part of the movie I remember is one of the demons was tossing playing at some chick and they were sticking into her and...

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