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    Jan 30, 2022, 06:09 PM
    The only movie I ever had to walk away from...
    Stumbled across this on late night TV in late 90s, was already on and was fascinating and upsetting too.

    Not entirely sure if this is right, but...

    Seemed to be Stalin-era Russia, and people were being executed in front of a green door. They would just wait their turn in line, stand in position when their turn was up, and *BANG*.

    They chatted in line as they waited.

    One was a prostitute who asked for a final cigarette. She didn't get to finish it before *BANG*, and a mess was on the door with a cigarette stuck in it.

    Outside, bodies were being piled into a truck.

    That's when i had to walk away, just too upsetting and realistic. But I've wondered ever since what the show was, and since I'm older now maybe I could take it..(?)

    Thanks for any help : )

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