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    Jul 4, 2007, 03:18 PM
    Old sci-fi movie . What was it called?
    I saw this movie when I was in kindergarten, and I'm now 23. It was a sci-fi movie that terrified me at the time, and I want to know what it was. I'll try to provide as many details as I can remember after so long. Anyone who can actually identify it must be an ultra intergalactic expert-g.

    The movie is about an alien race facing extermination by another alien race on an alien planet. The good guys look cuddly and kind, while the bad guys look like something out out of alien vs. preditor.

    Near the beginning, members of the good race are seated together in a room, awaiting execution, as they are called out, by members of the bad race. A baby is called to be executed and the bad race takes it and straps it into an execution machine, despite the protests of the parents. The execution involves a beam of intense light, and it is then readied for the next member of the good race to be executed the same way.

    Somehow, a young male of this species escapes. He becomes the main character. He dodges danger and recapture, and at some point, ends up in a pond--probably to avoid a patrol. A young girl of the good race enters the scene, and they are both surprised to see each other. One says "I thought I was the last ____" and the other says the same thing. The girl offers the boy her hand to help him out of the pond. When their hands touch, there is a flashback to the memories they had and earlier points in the film.

    They decide to travel together, and at some point, end up at some kind of old hag's palace. The old hag has hidden one of her eyes in a hanging basket outside her door so she can observe visitors. The two knock on the door or somehow ask for entrance, the old hag opens the door, informs them that she was watching them in this way, and then puts her eye back into its socket, and invites them in.

    Beyond this, I do not know what happens. I don't know how it ends. There are other images but I cannot with certainty associate them with this film. However, I believe the inside of the hag's palace consists of a very large orrery and elaborate walls covered with climbing plants, with some sunlight visible through the plants and metal wall structure. The pair must complete some task by some astronomical event involving bright light. They come very close to missing it, but succeed.

    That's all I can say. Anyone who can identify this movie is surely has highly distinguished mad skillz worthy of much awe and appriciation.

    I hope someone can help!
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    Jul 4, 2007, 03:23 PM
    This sounds like The Dark Crystal (1982) to me.

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