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    Oct 26, 2011, 11:43 PM
    Old anime cartoon or movie I think movie help please
    I'm trying to find an old anime I watched years ago I know it was in the 90's I can't remember the story line I just remember a few things I remember there was 3 main people two females and a male one female and the male was human the other female I'm not sure what she was I want to say an alien cause I believe they were on a ship of some sort well the female alien I remember had no mouths just eyes and a nose and she wore something like a turtle neck that covered where the mouth would have been if she was human I remember the alien fell in love with the human guy and the human girl I think was getting mad about it cause the 2 humans where becoming a couple or something I just remember in a bad time of my childhood I woke up to my older brother watching it and I had to lay real still cause I wasn't allowed to be awake at that time but for some reason it made me feel better about what was going on and I've always wanted to watch the movie or show that helped me all them years ago I've my brother about it but it was so long ago he don't remember either. Any ideas would be helpful

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