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    Mar 28, 2007, 08:27 AM
    Old 80's (maybe 70's) animated movie
    OK, I can't remember what the movie is actually about, or what the characters look like ((except that the main hero is a young boy)), but I recall one scene in the movie where they (he and his two companions... I don't recall what they look like), have to perform certain unfesable tasks:
    One involves removing water from a well using an eyedropper
    And the other involves moving a mountain of sand from one location to another, grain by grain.

    I do recall that the animation was kind of psychadelic...

    Help me, this is driving me mad!
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    Apr 17, 2007, 03:45 AM
    The Phantom Tollbooth (1970)

    The book was one of my faves when I was a kid; I recognized the eyedropper/grins of sand thing right off.
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    Oct 21, 2012, 04:02 PM
    Anyone know of people working at nepenthe studios near warren st. tube station in the 70's? The motley crew working on the making of the film 'watership down?' I was one of them and wish to connect with whoever is around, back in london in mid/late novemeber 2012 ann in ireland
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    Oct 22, 2012, 06:40 AM
    I say Phantom Tollboth as well.. one of my fav movies of all time and my fav book. :D

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