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    Sep 15, 2005, 09:05 PM
    Name of a movie I saw years ago...
    I saw this movie years ago. It was about a girl and she was having a dream but she didn't realize until the end when she woke up. I only remember little sections of the movie so be patient with me. She worked at a chicken place and one of the good guys was taking the chicken with this claw on a cable and eating it. Then people from where he was from were coming because they were looking for something that he lost. This guy is about 4'2. Later on in the movie the bad guys get a hold of it and it is like a transport for the bad guys to have their army come there and take over. The good guys are trying to get back home. The main bad guy has a white face and the main good guy is a muscle man. Anyway the good guys win and they go home. The cop in this movie goes with the good guys. He has a bald head and a pointy nose and he has been in other movies but I don't know what. When the girl wakes up and goes downstairs her parents are talking about going on this trip and she freaks out and takes the car keys. She runs out into the street and meets her boyfriend their and they have this item from the main good guy and they see him in it and he is raising his sword and screaming in victory(I guess). Please help me because everyone is looking at me like I am some weird o and I remember this movie and I can see parts of it in my mind.
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    Sep 16, 2005, 07:05 PM
    Lol how could you not remember He-Man? :p
    The movie name is Masters of the Universe.

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