It's an American movie about a 17 year-old girl with black hair, who lives in a small town, face with lot of piercings, dresses like rock star... but she is not happy, doesn't know what to do with herself, hates the way her parents live (mother's a housewife, father just staring at a TV), no friends. One day in a shopping mall, she see a 51 year-old man who works in suit store and she starts to like him - he's single too, no friends, unhappy as well... They get to know each other, he helps her to get a job as a assistant in that same store. They begin to hang out, to laugh, to fell happy again... they become friends. But then she finds out that he's very ill, and gets disappointed in life again... ---... I don't know what happens afterwards.
The film is therefore about that strange friendship, not love.

The names of the characters are rarely mentioned - they just called each other with Miss J (presumably Jennifer) and Mrs. R (forgot a name). Movie is probably from 1990s...

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