I watched final part of movie/short/omnibus in 1990.It is made probably in middle of 80's.
The electricity in house is shut off.In further everything is acting in the dark house.
Chunky boy,about 10-12 years old,black haired,run away deep in house and ask
Mother to play with him,to find him(mother is brunett,about 40 years old).
Chandelier falled off,nearly hit woman.Somebody has phone-called(male voice),
Woman answered and says?? (name of boy)came back and knows everything.
She realized that person is repeating what she is talking.
She is asking:"Why are you repeating what I am talking" and the voice repeats
That final sentence,and laughs.
She realized that phone cable is actually disconnected.
Boy is tracking mother to the locked door-mother is hidden in some room.
Boy said:"Look what I found.A big and sharp knife.I hear you,you are upstairs,
but I will catch you!".Boy's voice departed and mother thinks he left,
It is safe for her to leave the room.She is leaving,but the boy is there with knife,attacking her and laughing.
She ran,hid in a car,he is attacking her.Than she running and hiding in room.She took a gun,
Boy accessed room,looking for her in the dark,attacking her,she shoot him
And he is falling through the window.
Epilogue:Woman left room,staing on stairs,exhausted.Boy breaks into the house.
Woman says?? (boy's name).He answered:
"I am not ??????.
????? sent us to kill you".And he is approaching her.Closing credits.