I saw this movie when very young and don't remember much at all of it. But there was one scene I remember pretty well. I've been curious for years what the name of the movie was, but since I only remember one scene clearly, its very hard to Google for.

The movie was an older greco roman (possibly even Bibical during that era of movies) movie similar to the original Ben Hur and probably from that era.

In the one scene I remember really well, a woman challenged a man -- a solider apparently -- to a sword fight. She does okay at first, but eventually he manages to defeat her. Realizing she has lost, she attempts to pull a knife on him. One of the people watching (my memory is of a larger man wearing robes) shouts "watch out this one has a sting" (or something like that). The solider manages to grab her hand and forces the knife out of her hand. Then he picks her up, carries her to a bath (public bath with multiple people in it swimming) and throws her in and commands them to give her a bath.

I know this isn't much to go off, but I've been curious for years which movie that memory comes from. I've tried checking out the most obvious movies from that era (i.e. The Robe, etc.) and so far have come up empty.