Ok, I remember as a kid, somewhere around 1988 or so I watched a movie that could have come out anywhere between 1979 until 1990. I am thinking it was probably around '86 though. Well, the movie had these monkeys on roller skates that went really fast. I believe they had the skates on hands and feet, I am pretty sure they also wore red and gold vests and possibly little hat's like a doorman at a hotel would have on; if I remember right they mainly were like 5 or so and they skated in an arrow shape mainly on brick or cobblestone roads. In the movie (I think it is the same movie) there was a witch and she had dark black bluntly cut hair with red lip stick on. She would go into a room with all of these mannequin heads with "masks" on them she would peal her face off and put one of her masks on; they were in the wall on shelves that lit up with glass in front of them and they looked like real faces. I don't remember much else about the actual movie but it has been driving me nuts whenever I think about it for years now. I would love to know the title of the movie. I would appreciate any insight on what it could be. THANK YOU!!! :)