I've searched the movielists for all the tall thin blonde actresses and I don't see anything listedthat matches my remembrance.

Ibelieve it was either Uma Thurman or Cameron Diaz who was the female lead. It'san ordinary story of a young woman in a working class neighborhood trying toeek out a better life for herself. It's very real and very gritty and raw in the same way that "Hustle and Flow" is gritty and raw. The leadactress does not look pretty, she looks very rough throughout and does thingsto undermine her efforts but as in both movies, one can't help but wish theysucceed in getting out of their crappy life.

We findout her aspirations through conversations she has with a girl friend, oftensmoking and conversing on the stoop (steps in front of the house) in a run downneighborhood - she wants to escape from her life. However, her actions keep hermired in her run down life.

Sheliterally has to cross railroad tracks to get to the bar she frequents. Themessage there is she lives on the wrong side of the tracks. I believe the movieends with another conversation with her girl friend and she resigns herself toher life of misery.