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    Dec 8, 2019, 06:54 PM
    Look for Christmas movie that has a boy and girl orphan and an old man
    Think is maybe Australian

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What is the christmas movie with a homeless boy and a wealthy little girl, [ 0 Answers ]

A Christmas film A homeless little boy and a wealthy little girl. The girl looks out her window and gives the boy some food. He wears a cap and a scarf the girl blondish hair full fringe .

Name of the film where an orphan girl magically fills a room with food [ 1 Answers ]

I can't for the life of me remember the name of this film, probably because I can't remember much of it. I remember its about a little girl, I think she's an orphan and lives in this big house with other orphans, or she was just left there by her dad while he went to war; I'm not sure. She's...

Little girl born on christmas movie? [ 1 Answers ]

It's a scary movie I can't remember any actors or the title but its this little girl that gets kidnapped and she has special "powers" that can bring a bird back to life, and she stops a homeless man from burning himself after the evil man that kidnapps her posses him to pour gasoline all over...

90's/80's christmas 4 orphan's cartoon movie---i need you guys again! [ 5 Answers ]

Hey again I just was talking with my grandma about all these old movies I'm re-finding and we were talking about another 1 I liked. It's like a christmas movie were all these kids live in this orphanage and my grandma was saying the lady who ran the orphanage wouldn't let the kids have a christmas...

Christmas movie 80's? Girl forced to marry, witch on hill. [ 2 Answers ]

This movie starts with a girl riding in the back on a car, the car crashes and she flies out and hits her head. Then the movie turns into a fantasy where there is a girl being forced to marry a guy she doesn't want to marry. There are some funny character guys that are trying to help her escape. ...

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