I know there are a fair amount of people out there trying to find the title of this movie. I decided to put some of the posts concerning this movie together and hopefully, it will spark someone's memory of the title. Some one out there has to know the title of this movie....

Are there any movies similar to "The Dark Crystal?" It was probably out late 1970's to 1980's. I vaguely remember a movie or TV special with dragon-like creatures in purple robes(?), the setting was something like underground caverns, there was a king and a princess, and they may have been trying to find a stone or crystal? I know this sounds very much like "The Dark Crystal" but I remember this movie not being so "scary" as a kid. Any ideas? Thanks very much.
I'm trying to find a movie (or tv movie) that I enjoyed as a child. It aired sometime during the early 80's.
I remember it taking place in a cave with some green creatures (goblins?). The king was making a wish and they started in a song and dance about how the king would be making this wish this year.
"Our King will make a wish tonight upon a gem that glows so bright and fill our land with happiness and cheer"
There is a creepy character with long fingernails who uses a telescope or binoculars to spy and locate the gems.
Does anyone remember this movie?
...a television show that used to come out every year at a specific time, I think during one of the holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, during the 80's. It all revolved around this gem that was celebrated by these weird looking green people. Every year, the King would make a wish on this gem to keep the land safe and happy. The most I remember from those green things were the song they sang (Let's celebrate, don't hesitate...Our King will make a wish tonight upon a gem that glows so bright and fill our land with happiness and cheer). You can tell I used to watch that thing all the time. But back then, I didn't know how to use a VCR and wasn't allowed to touch it even if I could anyway. But There were also these villains that were trying to get the gem so the main villain could use that annual wish for his own purpose. He was this creepy purple vampire looking thing. They steal the gem and the King's son goes to get it back and the last thing I remember was the villains chasing the king's son and obviously the king's son gets away and returns the gem.

Any ideas????