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    Jun 5, 2018, 07:13 AM
    ID Erotic thriller/love triangle located in forest mansion
    Very weird and dark movie from the few minutes I got to watch. Ok I only saw the last few minutes so don't know much details but from what I understood there was like a twist at the end.

    The man (played by a famous actor, Michael Douglas if I'm not mistaken or another famous actor with similar profile. I remember thinking OK I can find the name of the movie easily since I know the actor, but I failed lol ) lived with his wife in what looked like a mansion located in a forest of some sort or an exotic country maybe. The house was split into two houses, so wife lived in one side and the husband in the opposite side. I think they both wanted to get rid of each other and suspected the other was being unfaithful. The woman who was messing around with the gardner (I think he was the gardner, he seemed to work there anyway) asked him to get rid of her husband,. but so the twist at the end (at least what I understood) is that it turns out the gardner was also the husband's boyfriend and was asked also by the husband to get rid of the wife :) All I know is at the end I went "euh did I get this right?!" Haha. Do you guys know this movie?

    I really want to watch this again from the start to see what it's really about since it seems very intreaging , but have no idea what it is .

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