This movie eludes me, I don't remember the name, the actors, in fact, I don't think I even saw the whole thing. I walked in and saw a scene when I was around 5 or 6 so the movie should be early 2000's. I remember the scene quite vividly so I will describe it and hope someone on here knows what I'm remembering.
The scene starts with a woman getting up out of bed, she is wearing a white nightgown and she hears a noise coming from the kitchen. She makes her way into the kitchen where her son is sitting on the floor playing with a pile of "something" the mother has yet to identify. She asks what he's doing and he holds up bloody gore, meant to be the mothers' intestines. She starts screaming as she looks down to see a gaping wound in her stomach. The scene then ends with her waking up grasping her stomach and that is all I can remember. Hope this helps!