This is in regards to a film I saw a while back.. It's about a small community of people who only live by them self and have no contact with the outside world. Well that's what they have told there off spring they have built a wall around the land they live on and have told others there is no other people of places besides where they are. In the film is a blind girl I think one day she leaves the camp and heads into the wood but un known to her there is monster in the woods or so people would like to make her think its just to scare people so they don't try and leave. At the end of the film she finds the brick wall and climbs it not be for she is hunted by this monster this. Its creepy looking with horns. When she climbs the wall she is spotted by others and they help her get what she needs and she returns back. The monster like thing is still after her to kill her but she tricks it in the end and it falls down a massive hole in the woods and gets a spike of wood threw him. Yes the monster was a him a person from her own community out there to scare just like he has been doing for years if any one ever got suspicious. He was forced to dress up and scare people. In the film the blind girl wears a red cape.