Hi all,I saw this short movie at school in Scotland when I was about five in 1985. I don't remember anyone actually speaking in it and its possible it was a French film. Its about a young boy of around ten who is a shoe-shiner on a busy high street and he fancies this older teenage girl customer. He does not charge her for shining her shoes and she comes back to him and back to him always wearing different old and shabby shoes flirting more and more and he always declines charging. For some reason he follows her one day, she may have forgotten something and he sees she goes to a bunch of homeless people and has been wearing their shoes each time, the boy realises he as been had. That is literally it, I don't remember it being any longer than ten minutes, its from the 70's from the clothes and haircuts I remember and is in colour. On a side note I have absolutley no idea why our teacher showed us the film, maybe as a lesson on being weary of trusting people or to try and instill in us a distrust of women, have no idea, he was weird.Anyway, hope you can helpThanks,G