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    Find movie by description?
    Kid stabs guard because he was scared and kids father pays the warden to protect his son. The guards wife comes in as a congical visit to find out what happened to her husband

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I am trying to find the anme of a movie about a man that was dying but wanted to complete the building of a new home. I thought the main actor was Kevin Spacey but searched movies with him in them and no titles seemed right. I thought the tile was 'Life is a House" but did not find that title...

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Its about a girl who wants to write a book and renst a house far away near a small town and thers a lighthouse in front of that house she goes there one time and finds a boy that lived there she goes all the time and it turn out the boy deid there a long time ago but she's not crazy "

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Fbi agent's wife has to choose between saving his wife (she has a bomb strapped to her chest) and his fellow agents. He chooses the room full of agents and he becomes a drunk until the FBI hunts him down to get him to help them catch his wife's killer. What is the name of this movie?

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This is an old sci-fi horror, at least that is were I believe it would go. The plot of the story goes I believe it take place in some bio-pharmaceutical company,or research lab. They are testing something and the workers become infected. They become wild savages, not zombies. There is a woman who...

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I'm looking for a movie that from the eighties 80's about a witch that learns potions from an old short lady that's in a lot of movies. She like sprinkles some around her bed to get a guy to like her?

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