Hello. I tried for several hours to find the title of this movie on Google and IMDB through countless searches. As I recall, this is quite a strange 1-hour film about a dog (white pitbull called Dexter or Boxer, I think) that sits quietly and still on a chair looking straight at the camera. We can hear the dog "thinking" and "commenting" on how its life was and what happened to it. It is filmed entirely or partially in black and white (filmnoir), as much as I remember, though it was made most probably in the 80's-90's. Not at all commercial. It's most of all a bitter study on life and death. It is either in French (but I'm not sure) or a Scandinavian language. But then again it could have been British, too. Anyway not American. I liked it very much at the time on TV (as a teenager - in the 90's) and I would really like to see it again but it looks like I can't even find its name. I was sure the name of the movie was Dexter, after the dog's name, but it looks like it's not, since there are no records of such on IMDB.