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    Sep 20, 2015, 07:54 PM
    Creature arises from a bowl of blood- 80s exploitation/sex farce/horror movie
    Hi, I've been looking for this movie for years, and I just recently came across this site!

    I stayed up till 3am late night watching this with my brother after we discovered "House" (1986) with William Catt on either TBS, TNT, or USA Network in the early 90s.

    It's a low budget, exploitation horror comedy from the 80s. There's a group of call girls (Escorts? Prostitutes?) that all live in this one house in the suburbs and practice witchcraft. They all wear these dominatrix getups (which is where I'm getting the prostitute/escort idea from but I could be wrong), and they attempt various ceremonies/spells that don't quite work as intended. The entire movie takes place in this one house.

    Throughout the movie, various potential male suitors (boyfriends? Customers?) come by and there is this sex farce/situation comedy type stuff where people are comically dragging people into the other room to hide from someone, or keeping up lies and having to explain themselves to other characters that overheard them in the other room, etc.

    At a certain point, a standoffish, sexually conservative "nerd" type girl with blond hair and glasses comes buy (her car breaks down?) and gets involved in the wacky proceedings. She is cornered in the basement by this magician type character with a tux and top hat, that during there exchange, messes with her by repeatedly disappearing and reappearing in different places as realized by a crude jump cut effect. He then makes her sweater open and bra fall off magically. There is an obviously a quick cut to her covering her breasts and a noticeable jump in the sound as this is a censured version running on commercial television. By the end of the movie, she evolves into a more confident and sexual character with the leather dominatrix getup similar to the other women.

    At another point, one of the women cuts her wrist, and drains a bunch of her blood in a bowl sitting on the kitchen counter, and a small creature (a fake stiff puppet) arises from the blood.

    I swore the movie was called "The Witches", but searching this hasn't resulted in any promising lead.
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    Jul 12, 2020, 11:52 PM
    Found it! "Witches Academy", DTV made in the early 90s. Strange, because I swear I remember it looking like it was the early 80s.

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