Ok, I remember this move from when I was little. I don't remember much but it is driving me crazy. I can't really explain much but please help me if you can! Thanks!

It was about this witch academy or school. It was about his little girl who was kind of clutsy and didn't do much right. She may have tried to escape from the school during the movie. The main character was a girl. It may have been an all girls school and all the witches-in-training had kittens.
I also remember a huge cafeteria where all the student witches would eat at the same time. They also all had broomsticks and they were learning how to fly and stuff. The head of the school was a guy who is a well known actor and I can picture him in my head but don't know what his name is.

I know none of this really makes sense but that's pretty much all I can remember.

I know it isn't Harry Potter or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe or anything like that.

Can anybody help me??