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    Mar 1, 2016, 05:42 AM
    I can`t recall the name of a British(?) gangster black comedy:
    [SIZE=4][FONT=Verdana]Two siblings in their twenties - a sister, whose ex-lover has uploaded in the Internet their sex-videos, thus making her notorious against her will, and her brother - whose gangster boss orders him (or them?) to kill an adversary. An episode: the brother has caught the victim-to-be in a room, but the latter succeeds to fool him (with some celebrities collection-photos?) and then escapes. The brother gets a corpse from an undertaker and reports to the boss that the contract killing is done. Some time later the boss stumbles upon the lie. Another episode: the brother has ordered a rental suit (costume), but when he goes to take it, is told that the previous customer has not returned it yet. The brother goes to his address to find that the man with the suit still on him has taken a young woman hostage(?) and threatens to kill her (and himself?). The brother begins to negotiate, because he needs the suit clean, not stained with blood, and succeeds to convince the maniac to take off the coat, the shirt, the trousers. Then he neutralizes (kills?) the maniac and the young woman announces to the authorities and the media, that the brother is a hero. Before or after that, near the end of the film a shooting takes place in a yard around a parked car - the escaped adversary shoots to death the boss-gangster and then lets the brother (and his sister?) go free. Having become famous for saving the life of the young woman, the brother muses that he could be elected to the city council(?).[/FONT][/SIZE]

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