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    Oct 28, 2018, 12:40 AM
    A black and white movie with witch like monsters.
    Many years ago, I saw this movie that appeared to be a black and white film, but it may have had color in some parts of it. There was a scene where there was a wooden boat with sails that was being attacked by these witch like monsters, one of them had a huge open jaw. They were there to kidnap a girl, possible a princess, and then a dragon comes with a coach, to carry the princess away. Later it is discovered that a dark sorcerer has her and the witches were under his command. Then when they discover the woman who had leaked information to the dark sorcerer it is discovered that she was bewitched and her face transforms before she is cured. Later in the movie, the dark sorcerer turns into a dragon monsters and the hero destroys him. The dark sorcerers tower collapses on top of the witches destroying them.
    Does any of this sound familiar.

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