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    Aug 30, 2011, 12:21 PM
    Anyone know the movie from the 80's about two guys and a dinosaur egg?
    So the movie follows two guys who go to all sorts of different dinosuar oriented places learning about dinosaurs, while being followed by a guy in a trenchcoat with sunglasses on?

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One guy was a duck and one was a santa for sure. They trapped them in a cave

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These guys are jogging on the street in the intro of this action movie and I think the bad gets killed by a plane propeller. That's all I remember.

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I'm dying to figure out the name of this animated movie! It's a TV cartoon movie about a bear who finds a beach ball that turns out to be a dinosaur egg. He raises the dinosaur (names him "Dexter") and eventually has to set him free (in a cave) because he gets too big. Any help would be awesome!

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