Yeah, that hey again after all this time, you guys. So, don't worry all you guys, that the definite idea that I had gotten from certain individuals here last time, is that none of you guys are really interested much at all in helping others like myself in finding out about the actual titles to any of those past late night soft-core porn movies, and that that's just fine otherwise (despite myself having around nine of them left that I still don't know the titles to :^/), and so that I'll now go back to I trying to actually find out about the titles to regular movies, and I did in the meantime come up with two of them, but I recently forgot about the second one of them and I can only mention about that first one, and despite it sounding like one of those other types of movies: "that this one of them was apparently about an older white couple watching some late night TV while in bed during this night, and for whatever reason, that when the husband tried to change the channel that he was transported into the TV to be in whatever was showing on there, that the wife could so far only both watch him in there and still talk to him in there, that he was like shown to be in some place like a nightclub with some other ladies in there, that he definitely liked it all but his wife didn't care for it otherwise, that she changed the channel and he ended up in a cartoon, like "Bambi", or bit of other animation, that he really didn't care for it otherwise, that she didn't mind it by comparison, and she said and I pretty much quote, "Well, at least I don't have to worry about you catching anything there.", and that was it." Other than all of that, that here's to hoping that you guys can help me out with this one after all, instead, huh :^)? >Danny<