This was an 80's movie I do believe and I thought it starred charlie sheen when he was young but couldn't find anything on it> It started w/ him and his girlfriend getting into trouble and I believe they were killed and he comes back in his brothers image and races cars... it was a black car... lamborghini style and he would race the guys who killed him... street race straight aways and would eventually leave them in the dust. They would try to catch up only to see the black car parked perpendicular and run into the car exploding and killing the bad guys... he does this one buy one and the final race is against a corvette... silver w/ maroon pace stripes on it if I recall. It's bits and pieces but that's the just of it and I believe the setting is in the plateus of west Texas or Nevada... desert type... and there is a garage where the bad guys hang out at... around 5 or 6 bad racers I do believe! Any help would be great... it's been forever since I've seen it.