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    Aug 14, 2006, 07:20 PM
    80's... maybe EARLY 90's movie...
    Okay, I'm looking for a movie that I remember back when I was little. I want to say it's an 80's movie. It was around the time The Last Unicorn came out. I think I remember seeing a preview for Kiko's Mail Service on the tape. Anyway its about a little girl who like goes to a place in the clouds. I think it's about dreams and sleep. I know I'm not much help... I wish I could remember more. She has to like save something. Like the whole land in the clouds depends on her saving it. I believe it's a type of anime too. PLEASE help me. I want to say the name begins with N but I'm not for sure. I know it's a different type of name. Anyway PLEASE help me.

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    Aug 28, 2006, 12:53 AM
    Land of the Dolls?
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    zytin Posts: 4, Reputation: 1
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    Aug 28, 2006, 12:54 AM
    Or maybe I'm thinking of return to the vally of the dolls, which isn't quite a kids movie... ehem... No, that's not it. There is this one movie where this girl dreams and she goes off to some sort of playland place, and has to save it (Not wizard of oz, but same sort of deal).
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    Sep 5, 2006, 08:13 PM
    Is it rainbow brite? That is a cloud land
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    Apr 16, 2007, 09:34 AM
    I think I know this one. I had a movie like this called Little Nemo: adventures in Slumberland, but it was a boy not a girl. But I think It might be what your talking about. He flies in a bed and goes up and saves slumberland.
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    Apr 27, 2007, 02:05 PM
    Yes! I get it... it's a very rare movie it is My little Pony - Firefly adventure (escape from the midnight castle) it was aired around 1983... Since after the last unicorn movie... The story goes like this above the rainbow the beautiful magical place called ponyland, where colorful ponies lived and played, there were unicorns,pegasus,normal ponies... When suddenly a dragon like creatures invaded and tried to capture the little ponies and take them as hostage in midnight castle under the dark ruler a centaur like creature... So the rest ponies were safe in their dream castle but firefly pegasus pony flies down to earth to bring a human girl named megan... Megan was surprised to see a talking pony in her life! And rode along with firefly high into the clouds and landed on ponyland...
    Actually you can buy the video or see it on this video you'll know how it looks like that time... My little pony animations were beautiful and I heartly love them...
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    May 30, 2007, 06:27 PM
    Is it rainbow brite and the star stealer?
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    Jul 27, 2007, 02:31 PM
    Castle in the Sky by Myazaki who also did Kiki's Delivery Service

    It is also called Laputa and TenkŻ no shiro Rapyuta
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    Jul 27, 2007, 04:35 PM
    This is the movie "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland" (1989) the Character you are thinking of is not a girl but a little boy named Nemo.
    And yes there is a preview for "Kiki's Delivery Service" on the tape.

    A better description is provided in this link
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    Nov 19, 2010, 04:21 PM
    I was looking for that same film as well I just can't remember the name of the film (but it was a great film)
    I need help finding this film as well?
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    Nov 19, 2010, 04:21 PM
    Comment on stardust713's post
    I was looking for that same film as well I just can't remember the name of the film (but it was a great film)
    I need help finding this film as well?
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    Aug 19, 2012, 07:37 PM
    Someone said it already Laputa: Castle in the Sky!! Another Miyazaki film

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