All I can remember was a Walter Matthau-type (if not Walter Matthau himself) is at a gala event when robbers break in and make all the well-to-do people strip naked and give up their valuables. The bad guy tells the main character to stand with this female stranger to be duct taped together; the man tries to talk his way out of being tied face to face with this woman and steps over back to back with another man and he's like tie me like this! The robber gets annoyed and hits him with the butt of his gun, knocking him out. He wakes up in a closet duct taped front-to-front with the woman he doesn't know. He has a napkin stuck to his forehead that she says she made them apply to stop the bleeding. There is also a joke where the guy shifts around and she says something like What are you doing? Guy: I'm trying to breathe! Girl: You don't breathe with that! (Penis joke for those of you who are confused).

These two people, older, past middle-age I think, then continue to see each other and fall in love after this whole ordeal. He struggles with coming out of his living-alone shell, etc. It was sort of a romantic comedy before there were romantic comedies.

Any ideas?