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    Oct 21, 2018, 08:46 AM
    80's cop action movie.
    Hi all,

    I saw this movie on British TV when I was about 9 so around 1989. It was set in a city in the US and was about a crazed killer roaming the city. Few things I remember about it are that the killer used a forearm length retractable blade concealed under his leather jacket he would use to stab random civilians and that the way the two cops that kill him do so is that they somehow stick an explosive device in his bike helmet when they are fighting him at the end. I remember the cops are a white guy and a black guy and it's the black cop that make some remark about him having no head left inside his helmet. I would guess it was set in New York. Sorry but that's about all I can remember aside from the killer stabs some black lady in the back in a crowded street after the killer heard her saying something about him. Not much to go on, one of those films that leaves an impression though.



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