1.) two male detectives investigate murder of rich, sexy woman's husband. One detective falls for her and the affair begins with a late night encounter that starts a little forceful on his behalf. It end with guns drawn and the male detective shoots her just as he realizes her innocence.

2.) Similar storyline. Starts with widow having sex with her young boy-toy the day of her husbands funeral. A detective and the life insurance investigator both fall for her schemes and sex, drama follows. I don't remember the ending, but she is def the prime suspect. This movie is more erotic/sluttier than the other. The female lead is more "suspect".

-One of these two has "poison" located by the cop in the pantry as the murder weapon.
-The cop lover is attacked by an intruder in her kitchen in one of them as well.

Thanks, they are both similar in story, quality, genre, etc.