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    Jul 16, 2018, 06:57 AM
    1960s B/W movie
    I saw this question on this site already, but I couldnít find the answer. Iím looking for a movie in the 60s were some sailors dug up a chest with a sailors head in it who is still alive. What was the name of this movie?

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I saw this on the local ABC/CBS/NBC affiliate in Buffalo NY . Animated feature, late 1950s early '60s, a boy taken prisoner, they put a heated silver band around his head and toss him out in the snow, it cools, shrinks, he screams. I also remember there was a tiger in the story, it was set in...

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This is as though as it gets... I do not remember what this movie was about at all, it was about a family, lots of kids, maybe the mother was gone and the man met a new lady, there was something, some problem with the mother figure in the family I think, maybe she left or whatever. The movie ends...

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Man and woman searching for each other and they never do cross paths until the end. One scene he's in a restaurant and he doesn't realize that she walks by. It's really cute and it could be a Doris Day movie.

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1960s or 1970s maybe? Van Dyke or someone like him was an actor? The kids might have been banished from the town? I think all the toys were banished and provided for the king's pleasure? One scene kids are hiding in a cellar looking out the window as a witch character pushing a shopping cart...

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