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    Sep 13, 2012, 09:32 AM
    Harley davidson troubleshooting
    My 2003 Electra Glide Classic will without warning lose all electrical power. I am asumming something is tripping the circuit breaker as after a short while after turning the ignigtion switch off and back on power is restored. I have replaced the circuit breaker and looked for obvious 'shorts'. It there some specific areas where I should be looking that are notorious for having the bike ground out or whatever it's doing. I have had the fairing off and seat off and with the bike running cannot jiggle any wires and have it cut out like it does when I am riding it. It has done this after 10 minutes and after two hours. Any ideas out there would be appreciated.
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    Oct 19, 2012, 06:10 AM
    Definety sounds like a circuit breaker are the cables connected correctly copper stud has the right cable/s . I've got six under my dash on my 1990 FLTCU. Then there's the starter relay and alternator/voltmeter, power breaker on the oil tank.

    The front brake switch can over heat and melt and a power wire can short inside the throttle switch housing . Happened to me heaps I rebuilt the switch about 10 times or more till I bought a new one and still haven't put it in yet. As now it works fine since I bought the new one. Also I found someone had put the cables the wrong way around on the DC Voltpack/accessory / Power circuit breaker on the oil tank and kept destroying Voltpak/ regulators when the Break switch burnt out. Important that the right cable is on the right stud. Ones a copper stud the other is a normal metal one. Also that the connectors and stud surfaces are clean or heat can result.

    Bad engine earth can make you loose everything. A loose/dirty earth may heat up and loose resistance. The main engine earth is usually a mesh cable under the primary to the frame. I found that if I disconnected the earth that connected at the starter motor support bracket that held the exhaust as well near the rear cylinder I lost all ignition! I though man if that went when I was overtaking a truck on a dual carriage way I could be toast. So I ran another big earth cable from it to the frame on the gearbox side under the rear footboard where there was an empty hole for something on the frame.

    Also check your battery terminal ends are clean nice bright shiny lead not that dark color, same thing can happen excess heat can cause a breaker to trip.
    I've had the actually power and earth cables and ends go on me as well check continuity with a cheap voltmeter/ohmeter

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